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Raising awareness and growing networks

Brand strategy | Brand evolution | Web design & build

For ten years MIMIT have been helping turn the unmet needs of patients into innovative healthcare solutions… turning what’s ifs into can dos, changing questions into answers and transforming theory into practice. We helped to raise the profile of the organisation and promote the incredible work made possible by MIMIT.

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MIMIT are a community of healthcare practitioners, academic researchers, industry experts and patients working in collaboration to improve health for all by finding new solutions to existing and unmet healthcare needs. In order to help MIMIT raise their profile and grow this network of academics, clinicians and industry innovators we were tasked with redesigning their digital experience, making it easier for others to understand who they are, what they do and how they can get involved.
In a sector where cold, clinical and complicated is the norm we wanted to inject more passion, humanity and excitement into the brand. Our idea was to celebrate the numerous people within the network and showcase the many projects that have been made possible through MIMIT.
As well as designing a simple, clean and responsive website, we created a set of tools and resources that were housed in a new Innovation Hub which would give MIMIT’s many advocates and ambassadors easy, simple and useful ways to promote MIMIT, expand the reach of the network and continue to identify and provide solutions for the unmet needs of patients.
Created in collaboration with:
Claire Rigby, Graeme Rutherford, Photography by Anderson and Aydyay digital.

It’s been a real pleasure working with Edit_. We love our new website and the feedback we’ve had from our stakeholders has been really positive.

Alison Littlewood
Head of Operations, MIMIT