From passion to reality 
Stacey Forsey

A brand identity and website for artist, designer and reality TV star Stacey Forsey. Providing a platform to showcase her unique aspirations, passions and talents beyond the show.

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Inspired by Stacey’s love of art and design, we created a chic, confident brand identity reflecting her individual personality and style.
The stencil inspired logotype acts as window into Stacey’s world, revealing the real Stacey Forsey and her life away from the cameras. Created with flexibility in mind, the identity was designed to work across multiple projects and adapt to Stacey’s interests both now and in the future.
The modular, multi-functional website, acts as a central hub for Stacey’s ventures including an art portfolio, lifestyle blog and online shop, whilst also providing a platform for Stacey to build awareness for the multiple charities she supports. Incorporating Stacey’s social media channels, the website is built to evolve and adapt, giving her 60,000+ followers endless opportunities to visit the site and explore relevant content.
Created in collaboration with:
Jane Kaye – Brand Consultant
Neal Fletcher – Developer